Transportation and Logistics

  • Production Coordination

  • US Customs Compliance Documentation

  • Supply Chain Management

  • ​​Landed Costs

Administration and Office Management

  • Organize and re-design job functions
  • Establish structure for departmental efficiency
  • Communication and Escalation Procedures
  • Office Policy and Procedure
  • Computer applications support

What We Can Offer

To meet the needs of all kinds of organizations and individuals, Direct Connect Consultants Inc. draws upon a comprehensive array of services to tailor a package designed to meet your individual needs:

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Our Guarantee, Always

If you have questions or see any issue with the way things are done, just say so.  We believe in open communication.  Just let us know what’s on your mind.  Whether it’s a simple conversation or taking an entirely new direction, the important thing is that you remain confident in your decision to work with us.

Direct Connect Consultants Inc. is committed to providing quality work that is done right the first time.  We want you to remember us.  We want you to walk away satisfied.  Most of all, we want to build a relationship with you that lasts!

Sales and Marketing Tools

  • Brochures
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management Board
  •  Internet Sales Forms: Proposals, Expense Report, Customer SOP

Accounting and Collection 

  • Receivables

  • Payables

  • Collections

Direct Connect Consultants Inc.

The Core of Our Services

It’s in the handshakes.  It’s in the smiles.  It’s the way we look you in the eye.  The core of our work is honesty and an unwavering commitment to maintaining your best interest.  Our work encompasses many things, but you can always find our core principles in everything we do.

No matter how much we grow or all the new things we learn, we’ll never forget the core principles: honesty, integrity, quality, reliability, open communication, affordability that led to our success!