As the founder and owner of Direct Connect Consultants, Inc., I am often asked why I decided to start my own consulting company.

I was a business professional in the international transportation and logistics industry for almost 30 years with knowledge of accounting, administration, customer service, human resources, operations, sales & marketing and supply chain management.

My experience provided me with strong skill sets that gave me the ability to organize, provide and implement custom tailored logistics solutions to our customers who were doing business worldwide.

Travelling extensively through Asia, Europe and Latin America completed my education as I networked with manufacturers, global supply chain partners and participated in regional meetings/seminars and sales worldwide.

I had an incredible career!  

However, as the world markets started feeling the effects of a slowing economy and companies started downsizing to compensate for shrinking profit margins, the strain of providing quality customer service, taking on additional customer projects and providing “new” innovative products began impacting companies.  

I had an idea – what if I could provide companies with the help they needed on a short or long term basis by working with them as an extension of their company?  In some cases, downsizing had severely impacted a company’s ability to maintain a quality/competitive service.  Working seamlessly with “my” company would provide the needed staffing for a company to continue to succeed in their business!

Well, it turned out that in addition to potential business clients, friends and family started asking me for help with their personal finances, event planning, setting up their computers, etc. Suddenly I was the “Friend & Family” go to person on organizing one’s life.  My initial idea, on what was possible to do as a business consulting company, took on a broader perspective.

Direct Connect Consultants Inc. came to life!  

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Gail Mahabirsingh, CEO

My Background

We started out with little more than an idea. Today, people are learning our name and understanding we deliver the kind of results that truly must be seen to be believed.

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